Release-upgrade Ubuntu to 22.04 with pi-hole on it, possible?

Details about my system:
I am running Ubuntu 21.10 (impish) in a Proxmox container

The issue I am facing:
When I try apt-get update it says: impish update are not available. (apparently starting July 14 is not supported anymore)
When I login the system displays the message: New release '22.04 LTS' available.
Run 'do-release-upgrade' to upgrade to it.

The Question is:
I know pi-hole is not supported on 22.04 due to installation issues, but now that it is installed, can I go ahead and upgrade the version in the container? Will pi-hole still work? Did anyone try this?

LOL Aaah, common man this is new, a few weeks ago I checked myself and 22 was not there.
I even tried to install 22.04 and I could not do it. The installation did not begin in the Welcome screen since the button cannot be selected with enter (or any other key)

This is an external issue, but we worked around it.

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