Release of Pihole 4.3?


Any particular reason why the PR’s for 4.3 have not been approved yet? Looks like they have been staged for about a month now.

Only reason I ask is I want to install a few more pihole’s and would like to fresh install the latest release vs install and then upgrade right after (OCD).

Just curious, and I don’t mean this in a negative way, so please don’t take it like that, just a simple question. And if it’s “when we are ready”, okay…


With limited developer resources, sometimes these take a while to get reviewed.

“When we are ready” is pretty accurate. There are still issues being resolved, but you should see a release soon.


Thanks @jfb , I’ll sigh, and then take another breath and hold it :slight_smile: And of course, stable vs rushed is always appreciated. I just figured since the PR’s were already staged, the scope of the commits for the release was already defined. I guess the team will be adding some more commits into the bucket.