Refactor terms `blacklist` and `whitelist` to `denylist` and `allowlist`


I was wondering if we would be open to taking some time to refactor out the terms blacklist and whitelist in favor of denylist and allowlist (or something similar)?

These terms are centuries old referring to "reputable" and "disreputable" people. I think it would be make ourselves look better as an open source community to find alternatives for these terms.


As a suggestion, we could refactor everything all at or, or maybe parts of the code could be refactored on different intervals (depending on level of difficulty).

Stretch Goal

It would be nice to identify other terms with similar history and refactor those as well. For example, instead of master branch, refactor it to the now de facto main branch.

Closing Thoughts

Thanks for everything pihole has been able to accomplish! This truly is one of the best open source communities out of all the raspberry pi projects.

There is an open feature request here:

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