Raspberry Pi4 1GB retired, 2GB has price cut

MagPi Magazine #91 March 2020 page 6

“Thanks to falling RAM prices, Raspberry Pi 4 with 1GB is being retired; Raspberry Pi 2GB is now the new entry point to the family. The Raspberry P4 [sic] with 2GB has had a price reduction: it now matches the $35 recommended retail price of the former 1GB model. Entry-level newcomers get double the amount of RAM at no extra cost.”

Anyone thinking about buying a Pi4 for a Pi-Hole may wish to wait a bit until the new pricing is rolled out…

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Any news about the 4GB version?

Haven’t seen anything yet to suggest that the price of the 4GB version is changing.

If your only using the pi for pihole, read this. A pi 3B uses half the power, compared to a pi 4.

What about the 4GB product?

The 4GB variant of Raspberry Pi 4 will remain on sale, priced at $55.

A Pi Zero W uses 1/2 to 1/3 the power of a 3B and will easily run Pi-hole.