Raspberry OS update required? Any update to Unbound

At this time I have no issues with Pi-hole (and Unbound) on my Raspberry. I installed on Raspberry Lite 64-bit after a full OS update, some days ago. Do I need to check/update the Raspberry OS or is keeping an eye on any Pi-hole updates sufficient? Also, do I need to check any updates for Unbound? If so, how would I do that? Thx

This is recommended. The OS has security fixes and other updates pushed at regular intervals. You should update your OS regularly with sudo apt update and sudo apt upgrade.

These will come with the apt updates for your OS, assuming that is how you installed unbound.

Note that each OS carries a different latest version of unbound. You will get the updates your OS provides, which is typically fine. For bleeding edge latest unbound versions, you will have to get it from the unbound library or compile your own and keep updated that way.

As of today, the unbound version with Bullseye Raspbian is Version 1.13.1. On the unbound support site, they are at Unbound 1.16.1 (Current version).

I have never had a problem with unbound with the updates provided by apt update in Raspbian (versions back to Stretch).

Sounds good, thx.