Raspap webgui integration

It would be a great feature on webgui to add, the "configure client portion" of Raspap Webgui. This is to scan the available hotspot and connect to it.

Are you talking about this?

It would be a good addition to tools section. Especially " the configure client" and "configure access point" part. Ive been ising raspap webgui on my radpberry pi ang chip sbc.

@jacob.salmela - yes i was referring to that software. I currently use CHIP as my pi-hole AP. My setup is

WLAN0 - this connects to the Internet (AP available in the area)
WLAN1 - Access Point

I setup my chip headless and carry it with me (portable). It was powered by a lipo battery. The reason I ask this, because its convenient to have a web interface to connect my WLAN0 to available AP. right now what i do is access the chip AP (wlan1) and then configure my other interface (WLAN0) to connect to AP.

Closing as out-of-scope. Use Raspap if you need it.