Questions after V5.0 update

Is there any additional manual cleanup required after upgrading to 5.0? I see two files in /etc/pihole that look suspect.

  • Has gravity.list been fully replaced by gravity.db? Can it be deleted?
  • Should the entries in lan.list be entered into the Local DNS Records tab? If so, is there a document that shows how to use this tab like there is for the Group Management set of tabs? I'm not clear if I should add a list of hostnames for a single IP address, or if I should add each hostname for the same IP address separately. Do I need an entry for the FQDN: hostname.domain, or is that implicit?

The gravity list is no longer used. The infomation is contained in the gravity database.

This is your choice.

Local DNS Records is simply a web GUI to manage a hosts list - it operates the same as the existing /etc/hosts. In this case, the list is stored at /etc/pihole/custom.list. The required format is the same as a hosts list - IP followed by at least one space, then domain name.

You can enter the domains via the web GUI, or you can directly edit the file.

Thank you.

With some experimentation in the Local DNS Records tab I found:

  • Only one hostname (not a list) can be entered in the Domain text box.
  • Multiple records can use the same IP address.
  • The FQDN must be added separately.

I renamed the obsolete files and will probably delete them in a week.

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