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Question about Beta 5.0:
This is not specifically related to v5, just a question on the best way to continue using pihole in the manner I have with v5. I did a chattr +i /etc/dnsmasq.d/02-pihole-dhcp.conf on the stable to maintain some of my settings. I see I can do the same with v5 and maintain my config. I wonder if there's a better way to handle it though. I use pihole as an ad-blocker, but i also use it as a fully functional dnsmasq server. I run multiple subnets (named vlans) with dnsmasq, use dhcp, and dns etc. Currently, in 02-pihole-dhcp.conf i have things like the following


is there a better way to handle this without making the config files immutable? I see that i can create something like mycustom.conf in /etc/dnsmasq.d and tbh, i havent tested to see if it will override the 02-pihole-dhcp.conf as my wife runs the change management board in the home and almost always denies maintenance windows.

I have my lan.list heavily populated, but i'm using it more like a simple hosts file, i wasn't sure if i could put other dns records in there, but i suppose i could test that.

As I do not see any options conflicting with Pi-hole's own settings straight away, it may be enough to just have these options in a separate file (e.g. 90-vlan.conf).

Pi-hole will read any configuration file in /etc/dnsmasq.d/, but won't touch those extra files during updates or any other time..

awesome, thanks bucking!

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