Queryads.php does not return proper results

http://pi.hole/admin/queryads.php does not return proper results

(.|^)3gppnetwork.org$ to Regex whitelist in the domains tab

Objective unblock: epdg.epc.mnc001.mcc001.pub.3gppnetwork.org as it seems to block my phone SIM from registering on the Mobile network

IF I do a partial search for 3gppnetwork.org
Match found in regex whitelist

But when I do a partial search for "3gp"
Match found in https://raw.githubusercontent.com/StevenBlack/hosts/master/hosts:

Shouldn't the Regex Whitelist entry show up too?

I might have entered the regex wrong. Appreciate anyone helping me white list the site. TIA

From the pihole try pihole -q -exact 3gppnetwork.org and see what comes back.

Note: I did a test using a domain I block. Call it google.com. I whitelist a domain called abc.google.com. If I do the above command but for google.com it doesn't show the whitelist ( nor does pihole -q google.com ). If I do pihole -q -exact abc.google.com it will show both the whitelist and blacklist entries.

If I remember correctly, only the exact match will return Regex entries.

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