Query Log Wont Populate

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Expected Behaviour:

The query log should populate with web traffic

Actual Behaviour:

The query log says "No data available in table". This occurred after updating to v3.3 and installing v3.0 of FTL.

Debug Token:


It appears this is due to my dnsmasq version. However, I am having issues upgrading my version. Any assistance would be appreciated.

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Assuming you’re using Jessie, you can attempt to upgrade dnsmasq

Or downgrade Pi-hole:

I have attempted to upgrade my dnsmasq using the first option but I am on a AMD64 version. It keeps failing due to that. So I tried to use the AMD64 version from that repo but it asks for prerequisites. "libdbus-1-3 (>= 1.9.14) "libhogweed4", "libnettle6"

I'm not entirely sure how to proceed installing these packages. Are you able to aid with this?

I updated dnsmasq on Raspian and verified it installed and it was the right version. Query log page show's no results, and a "processing..." box is permanently plastered over the column heading boxes. I'm running 3.3 and it seems to be screening ads just fine.

Debug token is: k6f4gziio4.


Did you flush your browser cache?

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