Query Log shows wrong domain


I’m trying to block ads and domains on my Network. Currently it’s working only on PC’s, and not on Smartphones.

Expected Behaviour:
Blocking one spesific domain

Actual Behaviour:
When i enter the domain name, for example pi-hole.net on my Smartphone, the Query Log shows google.com instead of pi-hole.net in the domain collumn. So i can’t actually get the domain blocken on Smartphones. Well, i’m using the Google Chrome browser, so it may show only google.com domain, and not the pi-hole.net. So the same is, when i open the domain with the Samsung browser, it shows only the Samsung Browser app as Domain.!




I assume that your requests are interpreted as search requests.

Do you see the site requested as expected?

Yes, shows as it should, but not how i expected. No Domain blocking, nothing.

Your device may have already made the request for pi-hole.net and cached it, so it doesn’t need to request it again for a while.

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