Query Log -> Search -> Exclude

Make 2 search options, the one there is already (search) and a exclude search.

Because I'm torrenting a lot and the Query Log is full with *.in-addr.arpa. This makes it difficult to see what is actually going on.

This is a example of a query log of mine:

If you're wanting to get rid of things like PTRs then you can try Configuration - Pi-hole documentation

Wouldn't it be nice to have a filter or exclude list anyway?

Yes, but that config flag is literally a filter.

If you click on a domain other than the .arpa you noted, do you see the domain you want to see and nothing else?

@fjb Yes

If I put analyze A and AAAA only, how would the PTR and other request be looked up?

They are processed as currently, just not shown in the FTL logs.

Okay, I will put this for now but I it would be really nice to see a feature like this. :slight_smile:

It's not clear what the feature would do. Can you elaborate on what it should do that is different from the current behavior?

I just enabled ANALYZE_ONLY_A_AND_AAAA and I think it's doing what I want.

What the feature would do is exclude the some words so you can search more easily but now I think it's alright this way :slight_smile:

Closing this as the OP has found a solution and the broader FR is