Query Log Empty, Devices Connected to Router But No Internet Access

While I have no computer programming/networking knowledge, I am usually comfortable tinkering with basic devices and programs. I recently set up pi-hole and wireguard on an oracle cloud free tier virtual machine. I have a Netgear WNR2000v2 modem with the netgear firmware - I know that this is an old, sub-par machine, but circumstances require me to use this device. I hope to upgrade soon but in the meantime, I seem to be unable to get this router to work with pi-hole.

When I change the Primary DNS and Secondary DNS in the router both to the pi-hole IP ( (there is no ability to put in the Secondary DNS slot so I opted to repeat the pi-hole IP), then all devices connected to the router via wifi show "Connected, No Internet." When I change the Secondary DNS back to, then all devices then again have internet access via the router.

Query Log - The query log on the pi-hole dashboard seems to be empty when I login to with WireGuard activated. This suggests to me that pi-hole is not being utilized by the router?? I can't access the dashboard without WireGuard activated, but when WireGuard is activated, I have no access to the internet. Is this standard?

Pi-hole is enabled on the oracle virtual machine, as is WireGuard. I just can't seem to get the router to play nice with pi-hole. I have tried inputting different IP addresses in different places (believing that perhaps I confused various IP addresses) but have been unable to identify the issue. I am hopeful it is an obvious issue to the trained eye and wanted to pose the question to the pi-hole community.

Here is a debut token. https://tricorder.pi-hole.net/EGedbwxW/

Apologies if I omitted anything or messed up the summary. My willingness to engage in this project seems to have exceeded my capabilities. Thank you in advance for any help.

The Pi-hole on a VPS is not reachable through a private IP range (an IP that won't exist on the internet).

If you are using Wireguard VPN to connect to the remote Pi-hole, your local router has to have the VPN credentials to make the connection.

Thanks. THat makes sense. I am assuming that the Netgear firmware for the WNR2000 does not allow for setting up a VPN to access a remote pihole? I don't see any obvious heading/setting that references VPN or the ability to input the appropriate credentials. I don't expect people to know all about this old router so i completely understand if people can't provide an answer. Just thought I would ask. thanks again.

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