Queries & Clients graphs on dashboard seem frozen in time and not updating

Expected Behaviour:

Pihole dashboard graphs to show info over time.

Actual Behaviour:

Queries & Clients graphs on dashboard timeline is off, delayed about 10-15 mins and not real time.

Debug Token:


I was playing with conditional forwarding and was creating loops of DNS queries between my router and pihole. I reverted back to previous settings with conditional forwarding off. While troubleshooting I did clear pihole_FTL DB like you do for benchmarking domains list.
I also use DoH with Cloudflared. I do have unbound installed but I am currently not using it.
I was trying to clear as many caches as possible including OS arp cache as after a few restarts of the pihole I still had PTR queries leftover from the loop between my router and pihole for local addresses with in.addr.arpa hanging around somewhere. These I believe are mostly gone as I don’t see them popping up as frequently in my pihole.log crosses fingers.
I tried ‘pihole -r’ with no luck. I do notice in the debug.log that there are errors under Dashboard & block page. I have tried ‘pihole -f’ which appears to have fixed the time scale at the bottom of the graphs. But then I don’t see anything graphed and no info box when I hover over. I wait a little bit and once data seems to be coming into the graphs the timeline zooms right in and I get access to the hover boxes with the clients listed.

Thanks for the help. :slight_smile: :smiley:

I wonder if the delay of data is normal and I just haven’t looked at my graphs with next to no queries since initial install. I only have about 1500 queries and 500 blocked in the past 30-40 mins with about 25 clients. Did I just get lucky and the family is actually not using the internet?

I will check graphs tomorrow to see if it is just my perception problem.

EDIT: I checked them following morning and everything appears to be normal looking. Marking as solved. I still wonder what my error is for dashboard in my debug log though. :slight_smile:

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