Qualify tracker links


Hey, I wondered if it is possible to qualify blocked links!?
So I am clicking on a link (the following link is just an example). eg:
My browser can’t connect. obviously. But I would like to delete the whole tracker-code in front of the last (in mails mostly wanted) URL.
so alle the %3A%2F%2F are qualified to ://
Is that possible !?


Not with Pi-Hole. In the URL you linked, there are three parts:

  1. The protocol - https
  2. The domain - duckduckgo.com
  3. The path - everything following the above.

Pi-Hole only handles the request from the browser for duckduckgo.com, and returns the matching IP address. Then the browser loads that IP with the appropriate protocol and the path appended to it. P-Hole sees none of that, it only sees the request for the IP for the domain.

Why can your browser not connect to that URL? Do you have the domain duckduckgo.com blocked in Pi-Hole?


Thanks for clarifying. this URL was handled by my browser, non the less, I just wanted to give an example for these “%3A%2F%2F” stuff. But handling IP traffic does not involve this, I did understand. Check.

Do You have an idea of an extension for any brother to qualify URLs by changing this - I am gussying - UTF-8 handles?


It’s actually URL percent encoding. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Percent-encoding for some more information. Just about any and every browswer will automatically translate percent encoded to ascii.