Put "Login" button above "Forgot Password"

I'm a ready shoot aim kind of clicker...

I'm always clicking the forgot password area instead of the login button.

Anyone else do this?

Can we put the login button above "Forgot Password", and match its width?

I think it used to be that way but the community asked for it to be changed to where it is now?

Those should go along.

I too am a bit unhappy with the login screen.

I agree where the field is on the screen is not the best.

I'm new here (BTW) and so I don't know if my thoughts count for much.

Thoughts count, but "votes" (top of the page) even more :wink:

Um, sorry now I am reading the Subject a bit more.

Put "LOGIN" above "Forgot password".

Screenshot from 2020-09-10 08-46-28

It is.

Oh, sorry. I'm new to the forum. I am a bit bad at not seeing elephants in the room but with the picture above, I would say that this has been implemented.

Or is there a second elephant I am missing?

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No, you're right.

We all haven't seen in :see_no_evil:
I think we got distracted by the different sizes of the buttons.

I'll close this request as the login button is above the forget password button. For everyone looking for a change in the size of the two, please vote here