Proper wildcard blacklisting

The current implementation for wildcard blacklisting doesn't really use wildcards. All it really is, is blocking of domains and all subdomains.
The announcement mentions youtube ad blocking, sadly the implementation doesn't allow for youtube ad blocking without blocking non-ad subdomains as well.

My suggestion is simple: allow real wildcards. For example blocking youtube ads would require to block "r*---sn-*" where * could be anything.
It would be nice to have something more precise (maybe regex statements), but even the ability to add real wildcards would allow for proper blocking of only certain subdomains.

As far as I know dnsmasq doesn’t support this kind of entries

As @Anudeep mentioned, dnsmasq does not support true wildcards. It can only do the subdomain wildcards.

@Anudeep and @Mcat12 are correct. It’s not so much a limitation of Pi-hole, but rather dnsmasq, which is what Pi-hole uses.