Problems with dishnetwork receiver

My dish receiver keeps looking up its domain names

From this log it looks like its not caching these request but forwarding them.
I need to stop this traffic from going into the net and keep it local.

2019-06-11 09:50:16 A OK (forwarded) CNAME
|2019-06-11 09:49:33|A|||OK (forwarded)|CNAME||
|2019-06-11 09:48:51|A|||OK (forwarded)|CNAME||
|2019-06-11 09:48:08|A|||OK (forwarded)|CNAME||
|2019-06-11 09:47:26|A|||OK (forwarded)|CNAME (623.5ms)||
|2019-06-11 09:46:43|A|||OK (forwarded)|CNAME||
|2019-06-11 09:45:59|A|||OK (forwarded)|CNAME||
|2019-06-11 09:45:16|A|||OK (forwarded)|CNAME||
|2019-06-11 09:44:29|A|||OK (forwarded)|CNAME||
|2019-06-11 09:43:47|A|||OK (forwarded)|

In other words, you want to block these domains? Or, do you intend to substitute them with something else? Why do you want to keep them local?

If you want to block them, add them to the local blacklist.

Is your dish receiver also trying to query other DNS names say for blocked items? I have seen this frenzied access before with phone apps. If they can’t resolve their DNS names for their usage collection services they keep looking up DNS entries over and over again including non-blacklisted domains.

It may be also that the receiver has poorly coded some of their applications running on the box. I have seen thermostats, Roku channels, etc go into this type of state randomly.

I unplugged that receiver Problem was that they were not being cached.
The other receiver is showing this. None of its being cached,
What am i doing wrong most of this should be cached.

2019-06-18 10:13:02 	A	OK (forwarded)	CNAME	
2019-06-18 10:07:58 	A	OK (forwarded)	CNAME (596.6ms)	
2019-06-18 10:02:52 	A	OK (forwarded)	CNAME (957.0ms)	
2019-06-18 09:57:44 	A	OK (forwarded)	CNAME (610.4ms)	
2019-06-18 09:51:42 	A	OK (forwarded)	CNAME (608.3ms)	
2019-06-18 09:46:38 	A	OK (forwarded)	CNAME (845.1ms)	
2019-06-18 09:41:34 	A	OK (forwarded)	CNAME	
2019-06-18 09:36:29 	A	OK (forwarded)	CNAME (609.7ms)	
2019-06-18 09:31:26 	A	OK (forwarded)	CNAME	
2019-06-18 09:26:19 	A  type or paste code here

These are cached, but only for the duration of the TTL (time to live) specified by the nameserver. You queries are about 5 minutes apart, so if the TTL is less than 300 seconds they won’t remain in cache between subsequent queries.

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