Problème d'affiche du nom des équipements dans le dashbord


Je fais appel à la communauté aujourd'hui car je rencontre un problème d'affichage du nom des clients. au sein du dashboard.

Le DHCP est géré par pi-hole et pourtant j'ai des équipements dont je voix le noms défini au sein du DHCP et pour d'autre équipements, c'est l'adresse IP qui s'affiche (cf. PJ).

Savez-vous d'où vient le problème ou tu du moins comment le résoudre ?

Par avance, merci pour votre aide.

Please upload a debug log and post just the token URL that is generated after the log is uploaded by running the following command from the Pi-hole host terminal:

pihole -d

or do it through the Web interface:

Tools > Generate Debug Log

First, thank you #Bucking_Horn for considering my request.

You can find a debug log here.

Apologies for replying in English. :wink:
When logged in to, you should be able to machine-translate posts via the globe symbol under a post.

There would be no immediate need to obscure addresses (as in your screenshots).
There is generally little risk in sharing private range IP addresses, as those are only accessible from within your own private network.

I suspect that those IP addresses in question would relate to your Apple devices, plus a few more?
Would that be the case?

Not only. I am attaching a screenshot of the various equipment connected to my network and the names of other equipment may appear. Then A list with nothing.
I can't figure out why some names appear and not others.

PS : sorry for the size of the images, I tried to capture an overview.

EDIT: MAC addresses can be considered sensitive information.
You may want to obscure them from your screenshots.

It would seem that the devices in question randomise their MAC addresses.
They would use a different MAC each time they connect to your network.

You should disable MAC address randomisation on the respective devices when connecting to your home network.

I did not activate address randomization on my equipment

Some device OS's would activate MAC address randomisation for wifi network connections by default. Most modern smartphone OSs would do so, including Apple's iOS.
Note that each OS manufacturer may label that feature by a different name.

Your debug log shows the U/L bit is at least set for the following device names, which indicates they are using a randomised MAC:


What's weird is that certain devices like my printer ( or my TV ( on which it is not possible to perform randomization do not appear. And some equipment with randomization appear. When others without randomization appear.

That would constitute a different issue.

A device IP that doesn't show up in Pi-hole's Query Log may either be inactive, or it is by-passing Pi-hole.

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