Problem with teleport in 4.3.1

Hey folks, I recently set up a pi-hole for my parents and tried to send them my blocklist via email.

Expected Behaviour:

I use teleport to make a backup of my blocklist, then email the tar.gz file to them, then they upload the file via teleport to the pi-hole

Actual Behaviour:

I made the backup and emailed it to them, the teleport on their end only uploaded my custom whitelist and blacklist but not the actual blocklist. I was able to fix this by decompressing the tar.gz, emailing the adlists.list file to them, having them open the adlists.list file in notepad and having them manually copy and paste the list into the settings -> blocklist in their webgui. It was not difficult but seems like a bug in teleport that you guys would be interested in. We are both using windows 10 and both piholes are fully updated.

Debug Token:

Not Applicable

Thanks for everything, you rock!

When they opened the file you originally sent them, did it include your block lists - this is file adlists.list?


yes that’s exactly right, here is my screenshot. teleport

actually sorry inside dnsmasq.d is slightly different because I use dhcp on my setup and they don’t. would that make a difference?insidednsmasq

No. But, the behavior you noted is changed in the development version of Pi-Hole, which means it will be incorporated in the next release most likely. Here is a screen snap from the same page on a develpment version of Pi-Hole:


Awesome! Looks like you guys are all over it. Thanks a ton, looking forward to the next release

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