Problem with pihole used inside a network with DC 2012 Server

Hello everyone, I been interested to try pihole inside our network company, but as I mentioned our network has a DC as a DNS server already running and DHCP too. I start up the pihole configuration and all went well by assign the network address to the pihole. I then start to make testing on my machine assigning to my windows as only DNS address the one on the pihole. It seems to work, as long as I not restart my computer and on next login when I try to browse the folders inside my network it ask me permission (not detect offcurse my DC anymore) I did try the option about forwarding the local network request to my local DC but again it work all for 2 days then suddenly it stop work and ask me again password for my share. Can someone explain me how should it work ?

This appears to be a Windows shares issue and not a Pi-hole one.
The only thing that Pi-hole does is answer DNS queries and if it doesn't know the answer, forward the query to an upstream DNS server (Google, OpenDNS, your DC etc) and wait for an answer.
But as I am not that familiar with how DC's handle auth requests for shares, maybe someone else knows more.
And tail the logs to give you a bit more insight:

pihole -t

You also could post a debug token here for the devs/mods to have a look if something wrong with the Pi-hole setup:

I guess it's not a windows share problem because I not have this kind of problems in any other client other then the one where I set as unique DNS the ip address of the pi-hole. Reading some tutorials online seems mostly all people not set the pi-hole with this setup but in contrary they put the pi-hole as a forwarding address for the main DNS server in domain. But doing this you lose the information of the source client that generate the query that being blocked and filtered. Guess nothing more to do then.

The problem you describe does not appear to be caused by Pi-Hole, but is local to the computer you restarted.

If you will generate the debug log and upload the token, we can take a look at your Pi-Hole configuration for any problems.

Sorry for the late reply, I did a clean install of pihole and currently I'm testing the configuration as before. So my main workstation is still the same and work in a network with a DC that work as a DNS server too. I set up my workstation DNS as the ip of my pi-hole machine and set up the pi-hole in the Advanced DNS settings the option of conditional forwarding to my local DC machine.
I did flush the dns config on my workstation and make more then one restart and seems the pi-hole is working fine. If tomorrow suddenly my share stop work I will post the debug token.
Is this one good option for setting up my pi-hole ?

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