Problem with no Hostnames and less blockings

Hello I'm new in the Pihole Business,

I started weaks ago with a RPI4 and a local installation. That works fine.
Yesterday I started with a new Image and installed Portainer and Pihol on it.

I don't know If the Pihole is working fine, I think I see more advertising as with my old setup.(Imported all Settings via Teleporter)

Sometimes I get this Error:
pihole maximum number of concurrent dns queries reached (max 150)

And see below for some Clients the Pihole show no Hostname.

Actual Behaviour:

Debug Token:

Can someone have a look?

Thanks in advance

no one can help?

Your debug log shows your Pi-hole container to be operational.

Run from a client machine in your network, please share the output of the following commands (preferably as text):

nslookup pi.hole

*** pihole wurde von nicht gefunden: Non-existent domain.

PS C:\Users\dennwer> nslookup pi.hole
Address:  fd00::<redacted>a8

*** Keine internal type for both IPv4 and IPv6 Addresses (A+AAAA)-Einträge für pi.hole verfügbar.
PS C:\Users\dennwer> nslookup
Address:  fd00::<redacted>a8

I don't know why but all Querys runs via Fritzbox not on every client self. (Settings in the Fritzbox are the same as the onprem install of pihole)

When I activate CF DHCP (FritzBox) the Hostnames were shown.

Your FritzBox router propagates its own IPv6 address as DNS server.

Since the request for pi.hole is not answered with Pi-holes IP addresses, the FB obviously is neither using Pi-hole as upstream DNS server.

In that scenario, your client is by-passing Pi-hole completely, which would match your observation of less blocking.

You may want to refer to Fritz!Box (DE) - Pi-hole documentation for configuration recommendations.
To avoid IPv6 by-passes, you may also have a look at Unresolved ipv6 adress in my top list - #4 by Bucking_Horn.

If your other observation of maximum number of concurrent dns queries would still reoccur once you've settled for a clean router configuration, feel free to provide a fresh debug token.

I don't want to use IPV6, in my fritzbox is only IPV4 configured. Is there a other option?

Please have a thorough read through the links I've provided above.

Your nslookup results clearly show that your FB is advertising its own IPv6 address as local DNS server.

You'll find the necessary steps to stop it from doing so in the second link.

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PS C:\Users\dennwer> nslookup pi.hole

Name: pi.hole

PS C:\Users\dennwer> nslookup

Addresses: ::

And I get this error

That's looking better. :wink:

Your nslookups now show that your client is using your Pi-hole at for DNS, and that Pi-hole is blocking

Your Pi-hole container isn't aware of its host's IP address yet.
You should set that container's recommended environment variable FTLCONF_LOCAL_IPV4 to

As for the maximum number of concurrent dns queries:
Those are most often seen as a result of a DNS loop.
As your Pi-hole is using your FB as upstream, would your FritzBox perhaps be using Pi-hole as upstream as well?

Please share a screenshot from your router's upstream configuration from Internet/Zugangsdaten/DNS-Server.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Your FritzBox is indeed using Pi-hole as its upstream, which in turn would close a full DNS loop.
What's your intention for that?

As your previous nslookup results show that your FB is already distributing Pi-hole's IPv4 as local DNS server, your clients would use Pi-hole for DNS as soon as they acquire a fresh DHCP lease from your FB.
This would allow you to switch your FB upstream DNSv4-Servers to some public resolvers.

Sorry my fault, I set it to the default of my provider. Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

After nearly 2 week, it seems that there is no query reset every 7 days. On my onprem installation it was the default.

Do you have a idea for that?

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