Privoxy out-of-scope/not planned?

I am new to linux and stumble more often than not finding my way around. So, I don’t know if you would possibly consider maybe including privoxy as an option alongside pi-hole during the installer?
I understand there is a guide here on the forums… even the most simple guides give me trouble.
I don’t know, just throwing out an idea.

I have heard that because of the quite limited performance the Raspberry Pis offer, you experience noticeable slowdowns in your everyday internet browsing experience. I can understand that and never have tried to set up a proxy on such a weak capacity device, but only considering the performance of its onboard Ethernet chip it is obvious that I’d not be able to use the 50MBit/s connection I have at home, anymore with full speed (not even to mention that all of the data would have to be processed on top).

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Just to confirm what DL6ER said, they Pi share the USB with the Ethernet, so you get reduced performance in situations where you’re routing traffic. Sometimes a USB3 Ethernet adapter can get you a performance increase, but just generally they make really bad routers and NAS devices. Some other boards have designed differently, but the Pi performance combined with the privacy concerns that come up with a traffic proxy make it really unlikely that we would enter in to that area.

But if there’s some way we could provide clearer guides or help out with add on’s, let us know and we’ll research it.

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