Pre-Parsed Lists For Everyone!


Seemed to be working well until I returned from a trip away and found no devices were connecting. Discovered I had an issue with my PiHole. Turns out it was blocking 3mil domains and had bogged down. Any bugs?

EDIT: I have uninstalled and regrabbed the newest version. Noticed it was updated. Just updating now


let me know how it goes, I designed a way to “whitelist” domains from the big list.

I changed the way I parse lists a bit. lists that need minimal parsing are parsed seperately.

The big jump in domains though is Pr0n. without the pr0n lists in the mix it would be 1.6 million though.


How are you running this? After reinstall it jumped back to 3.8mil being blocked. Noticed it bogged down again. I have it running in a Ubuntu Server VM. Have increased its resources to 2gb RAM and 2 cores just to cover load. Its currently using 1.4gb of RAM. I don’t think a Raspberry Pi could handle that load.


I’m running it on a pi3, alongside several other things.

I havent notice any bogg other than dnsmasq starting back up.


If you just want to copy the lists from deathbybandaids GitHub you can enter the following commands in your terminal:

cp /etc/pihole/adlists.default /etc/pihole/adlists.list
cat >> /etc/pihole/adlists.list << EOF
pihole -g


If you plan on using all of the lists, I do have a merged list with them all combined.

I also have a version of that list that removes domains that cause issues.

This second list is newer, but I have a great way of adding domains to a “whitelist”.


Using the whole list is a bit to restrictive for me, but thank you for making this great collection!


I am stuck at checking for ADZHosts invalid TLD’s for four hours now. Is that normal behavior?


Checking the TLD’s is a new feature that I’m testing for better accuracy. It does take a considerable amount extra time. However, I have also made it so that future runs will only refilter lists that have been updated by the original authors.


I suggest you stop the script, and reinstall. I took apart the part of my script that processes the TLD’s and added some major speed improvements.


I ended up deleting all the parser stuff because i couldnt get through the setup because of missing files everywhere :man_shrugging:


@deathbybandaid Did you change the link? I get a 404 when I try to add it.


I made so many changes to my script, that I must have neglected to update my links elsewhere.

The link is on my github repo.