Pre-Parsed Lists For Everyone!


Ah ok, great work by the way,

Just ran it through and get an error…

Pushing Lists to Github
[master 9b5e011] Update lists Mon 29 May 22:44:48 BST 2017
 92 files changed, 1517 insertions(+), 506362 deletions(-)
 rewrite mirroredlists/RansomwareTrackerDomainBlocklist.txt (66%)
 rewrite mirroredlists/SABlacklist.txt (99%)
 create mode 100644 mirroredlists/TakoYachtygiftcardkiller.txt
remote: Permission to deathbybandaid/piholeparser.git denied to Valiceemo.
fatal: unable to access '': The requested URL returned error: 403


The github version of the script is meant for me to upload to the repository.

You are getting that error because you don’t have permission to modify the files online.

The installer gives the option of local for people to use on their own devices.

You can change this setting in /etc/piholeparser.var

On average the script takes 30-40 minutes. At least I gave it pretty colors, eh?


Noob error on behalf!


I think it’s brilliant! I’m trawling your git repository for ideas!

Hope you do the mind!


Go ahead, take a look at my other main script too,


Awesome thank you.

Have updated the .var file and ran the push script I do the see any change in the number of domains being blocked?


You will need to run the whole script over again.

Then add


Via the webui



Perfect, just added the URL and it doubled my blocked domains, will run the parser again over night to make sure.

Thanks for your help, and sorry to have been a pain!


Signed up to say a huge thank you for this!

Was working last night but think the parsed total list be down currently - perhaps updating?

It does lead to another question though… how are you getting the other couple of million domains blocked? :wink:


I was testing a new feature ahem (bug)

edit: found the issue, it was a folder name issue


I realise this is perhaps a dumb question, but I’m new to Linux / Git

How do I know when you’re scripts are update, and would need to re-download the repo?


I parse all of the lists daily. If the list maintainers update their lists, there will be an updated file. The script auto-updates with the git repository.

If you look at the repository, all updated lists have a date/time stamp, if the files are the same, they aren’t updated.


Ok, I think I understand.

But I was referring to the actual scripts, such as /etc/piholeparser/scripts/

I see there is a new script called


that’s just me testing stuff.

The parser as is, works, but I have noticed that it filters too much out.

also, lists that don’t need to be parsed, are not making it through the script for some apparent reason. I am trying to rebuild the parser so that it filters the garbage one step at a time, and works universally for all lists,


Ah ok, so guess if / when there’s a need to re-cl9ne the repo I checked l here or on git?

Awesome work by the way.

Your repos have helped me build a pretty nifty script that zips and backs up various things from my Pi to ext. Hdds


Not necessary to reclone the repository. when you run updaterunpiholeparser, the first thing it does is runs

git pull

This will always pull the newest version of the parser, the lists, and any other changes I have made

Care to share? is it on a repo, I want to have a backup script too!


Can’t believe I missed the git pull
Pardon my noob-ness!

As for my script of course I’ll share.
I’ll get it on git later when I have time and share.
It’s still very much a work in progress, but does the job for me!


So I have ran the script locally and inserted the address http://pi.hole/lists/1111ALLPARSEDLISTS1111.txt into the gui.

Do I need to do anything else to keep it updated?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:


The installer should have enabled a cronjob to run it daily for you


Ahhh yes. Just checked cron and it is scheduled to run daily at 0020


I just found a major problem with my install script,

change your cronjob to

20 0 * * * sudo bash /etc/

so that it always stays up to date. I must have forgotten to update that line of my installer.