possible to show all clients with router aggregating requests to pi-hole?

Only 2 clients are showing the router and the pi-hole box

I am wondering if it is possible with pi-hole v5 to show all clients that connect to it.
The setup is as follows:

client -> router(DHCP) -> pi-hole(DNS)

I am looking for a way to keep the above flow.

If you want to keep the DNS flow like

client -> router (DNS) -> Pihole (DNS) than it is not possible, because for pihole it looks like all DNS queries coming from your router. You should still see all clients in "Network overview" (if on the same subnet) but with the notion that they are not using pihole (because DNS requests are not send directly to pihole).

Yyou could keep your router as DHCP Server but distribute Pihole's IP as DNS server for the clients.

Client -> router (DHCP)
client -> pihole (DNS)

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