Possibility to add comments for domains in the query log

I don't know if I can explain it correctly, but I request a feature to add a comment for a special domain.

For example, if you go to Dashboard on the pi.hole website and scroll down to "Top Permitted Domains" and then click on one domain, you have an overview of the activity of that special domain. It would be cool if you have the possibility to add a comment to make a notice what this domain means and for what and why this domain is important.

In my example, it's a domain which is needed for Spotify to work. In case I forget it and will block it, I want to make a small notice for what this domain is needed to.

This is already in use if you white- or blacklist a domain.

If there are any questions concerning my request, feel free to comment. If this feature is already implemented, let me know.

Minor terminology correction - these are domains, not URL's.

I am sorry, yes. That's what I meant! :slight_smile:

I changed the title of this request to more accurately describe the request.

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