Porting to new frontiers

Ladies and gentlemen, after a wonderful rainy day I am able to present to you my crazy idea: porting Pihole to Void Linux. I was tired of having to deploy a debian container inside my void machines.
This is very much a work in progress, and I have been barely scratching the surface of all the issues that may arise. But i really wanted to share the milestone, especially to see if I was the only one interested. Proudly developed on company time.

As soon as I have time I will definitely try and make a package/script or something easier to install rather than spending hours to figure out every detail.

I'm totally open to sharing files and configurations in order to improve the project.
Maybe I can make a repo or something.

attached some screenshots

I think it would be helpful for others that might want to try themselves how you did this (be more technical).

Well, for now this is a homebrew solution. I went through the install script editing function after function adapting them for the runit init system and void linux configuration. Then by running the script a couple times and fixing bugs as they came out (VM of course) I got the interface up and running. DNS resolution is working fine, still haven't tried DHCP or advanced configurations. I am right now sorting out issues and will definitely clean up the script in order to make it understandable and will share it. I am at work during the week and will need some literal time to sort out things, but it's most likely I will set up a repo for this customization. Please forgive the lack of technical information as it will definitely come up as soon as I have time to write it down. I want to make something understandable.

Of course, I can answer questions on the spot until I can write down some notes about this experiments.

Perhaps it would be best that when you have a working solution in all respects, make a fresh post with the process and results.

Will do, definitely. Maybe I just got hyped by the result and made the post too early. Feel free to close the thread if you think it's the case, and I'll make a new one complete with info and howtos.

I have sorted out many of the issues that arised and figured out a working (great) Pihole installation. If someone allowed can close this thread I will make up a new one with documentation and technical info as soon as I have time.