Please read - A new forum category has been created

This is a post to inform you all of a new category. "Community Help"

The purpose of this category is for when something goes wrong with your Pi-hole install/update, but you are also running a non-standard install.

Examples of a non standard install include, but are not limited to:

  • Running a web server other than lighttpd
  • Running on an OS that is not officially supported
  • Installing customisations to the web interface that are not written by the Pi-hole team

The hope is that by having this category, it will ease the support burdon on the already time-stretched development/support team. It can be frustrating for us when we are troubleshooting an issue to find out that the root of the problem is caused by modifying Pi-hole's behaviour.

This is not an instruction to not make changes to your install, we applaud innovation, and some of the things that the community come up with are quite impressive, but we can only go so far when supporting/troubleshooting.

The more time we spend fixing issues that are caused by making modifications to a standard Pi-hole install, the less time we have to focus on further developing Pi-hole to become even more solid than it already is!

To help your fellow community members in troubleshooting your issues, there is a template when you create a new topic, please be mindful to include as much detail as you possibly can, it helps people to help you.

The same advice applies to general help topics. The more information we have, the more we can do to help.

This is not to say that if you post in this category that a developer will not help you. Sometimes we have the time, or might have knowledge in a particular area that isn't officially supported.

We love helping you, and personally I think it is our support and ability to react to potential changes that need making that sets us apart from other products out there. Our community is also what keeps us going. If it wasn't for you, Pi-hole wouldn't be anywhere near where it is today, so thank you for that.

Help us to help you by allowing us to focus making Pi-hole an even better product

TL;DR - With a little patience from everyone, community and "staff" alike, we can all get along better!

Big love on behalf of the whole team