Please advise / additional dnsmasq entries

I was reading this, I wonder if it is recommended to add these dnsmasq configuration entries.

Thanks for the advice.

They are referring to a custom OpenWRT config file called rfc6761.conf:

# RFC6761 included configuration file for dnsmasq
# includes a list of domains that should not be forwarded to Internet name servers
# to reduce burden on them, asking questions that they won't know the answer to.


Pinging @moderators for their opinion about this.

The RFC says this about localhost:

Caching DNS servers SHOULD recognize localhost names as special
 and SHOULD NOT attempt to look up NS records for them, or 
 otherwise query authoritative DNS servers in an attempt to
 resolve localhost names.

Similarly for the others.

The RFC also says the same for the following domains:

which are not included in the OpenWRT config file.

Pi-hole already implements this (and even including IPv6 private ranges) via the web interface option "Never forward reverse lookups for private IP ranges".

Side note: OpenWRT also includes dhcpbogushostname.conf but we already have this in 01-pihole.conf. There are no other default OpenWRT config files.

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