Pivpn Won't connect outside network

I have an identical build at home with pihole and pivpn (wireguard) fully operational.
I did the same build and exact same steps at another location. Pihole seems to be working on the network using a PC/mobile device but pivpn won't work after connecting to wireguard. I get no internet connection and it times out. I'm not sure if i messed up somewhere or the ISP blocking it. It's a different modem to mine but I definitely did follow the guide to do port forward.

Hope someone can guide me to the right direction to get this resolved.
Token is here: https://tricorder.pi-hole.net/4yweIxH1/


This seems related to PiVPN/Wireguard rather than Pi-hole.

You may want to also consult PiVPN's support for assistance.

Thank you. I'll contact them for further assistance.
I might bring the unit back here and edit some of the pivpn/wireguard to my network and see if it works.

Managed to contact the ISP. CGNAT was on by default which blocked the port forward. Got them to disable and everything is now working.

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