Pihole Working but PC showing "No Internet Access" WIN 10 update

I've been searching for a while here, but I'm at a loss.

I've had pihole running for probably a few years here, keeping it up to date without issues, but recently I updated my PC to the latest version of Win10 and it shows that I'm connected to my wifi network but says there's no internet access, despite that fact I absolutely can access the internet.

Honestly, this wasn't an issue until I tried to run a program that insists I download it from the Windows Store and it keeps saying I have to be connected to the internet to download it.

I've added the DNS manually on the local host, whitelisted so many windows domains from the recommended whitelist thread, reset my network settings, flushed my local dns cache, and more than a few other avenues to no avail. I'm hoping there's a simple fix here that I'm just not seeing. Is there any advice?

Thank you in advance.


Did you update to Windows 10 2004?



Doesn't sound like a Pi-hole problem, and Tntdruid's link strongly suggests its a known Windows 10 issue.

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I did indeed, it looks like this is indeed a Windows 10 issue. Thank you for pointing me to the issue page.