Pihole/unbound + tarpit

Hey Guys, I read here now for a few hours and I have to thank you for your suggestion`s to speed up and maintence my pihole.

Know I will love to ask about a possibility, how I can probaly run ssh-tarpit on the same raspberry pi as my pihole. Because I think tarpit is nearly as good as pihole, everybody should have one.

What do you think about this combination?


These pits were useful a few years ago, but not today. SSH bots have a timeout of a few seconds nowadays, therefore these pits don't work anymore.

  1. sshd should not run on port 22
  2. sshd should run with disabled password auth (PasswordAuthentication no), instead enable and use PubkeyAuthentication yes
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Yeah, I will soon dive into SSH-authentication. But for now Im jusig tarpit to secure my 22port, and I think there are more pihole users like me. who dont get the ssh-auth probaily done.

But I´m getting there somehow.

SSH has nothing to do with Pi-hole, and the tarpit provides zero protection.

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fail2ban is still useful i find and not just for SSH. i run it on all boxes that live outside my network.
it could sit with pi-hole quite happily though none of my pi-hole installs are accessible except via VPN from the outside world.
agreed that running SSH on port 22 isn't a great idea these days.

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