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I installed the latest pihole (v5.5) , FTL v5.10.1, Web v5.7 and unbound (resursive dns). Everything works. My router points to (dns1 = pihole, dns2 =

Now my stupid question: the only Top Clients i see (in the pi-hole dashboard, at the bottom of the screen) is my router ( and the localhost. Is this because the router doesn't tell what device (ip) is doing a dns request? (it's all from

If so, is there a way to get this in the dashboard. (without having to tell each device what the pihole dns-ip is..?)


You set Pi-hole as the upstream of your router (WAN side). Currently, all requests will be send from clients to your router which will forward them to Pi-hole.

You need to set Pi-hole's IP as DNS server in your router's DHCP server option. This will automatically distributes Pi-holes IP to your clients. One thing to remember: after you changes DHCP options, clients need to be dis/reconnect to the network to pick up the new settings.

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Don't do this. Having a DNS other than Pi-hole available to clients will allow some (or perhaps all) of the DNS traffic to bypass Pi-hole.

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