Pihole + Unbound doubts


I have been using Pi Hole on Raspberry Pi Zero for some time and tried to install unbound.
I have installed and configured as per the official guide (https://docs.pi-hole.net/guides/dns/unbound/).

I have done these checks and everything looks ok:

 unbound.service - Unbound DNS server
   Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/unbound.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled)
   Active: active (running) since Thu 2021-04-29 17:37:10 CEST; 2h 44min ago
     Docs: man:unbound(8)
  Process: 354 ExecStartPre=/usr/lib/unbound/package-helper chroot_setup (code=exited, status=0/SUCCESS)
  Process: 371 ExecStartPre=/usr/lib/unbound/package-helper root_trust_anchor_update (code=exited, status=0/SUCCESS)
 Main PID: 395 (unbound)
   CGroup: /system.slice/unbound.service
           └─395 /usr/sbin/unbound -d

apr 29 17:37:06 raspberrypi systemd[1]: Starting Unbound DNS server...
apr 29 17:37:09 raspberrypi package-helper[371]: /var/lib/unbound/root.key has content
apr 29 17:37:09 raspberrypi package-helper[371]: fail: the anchor is NOT ok and could not be fixed
apr 29 17:37:10 raspberrypi systemd[1]: Started Unbound DNS server.
apr 29 17:37:10 raspberrypi unbound[395]: [395:0] info: start of service (unbound 1.9.0).

But If I check, my ISP shows up.
It's normal?
Am I doing something wrong?

Debug Information
Connected to	No
Using DNS over HTTPS (DoH)	No
Using DNS over TLS (DoT)	No
Using DNS over WARP	No
AS Name	My ISP 

I'm not sure everything is working. How can I check the dns?
Thank you!

This is normal. You are running your local DNS resolver (unbound) at your home, thus the IP of the DNS resolver shows as your IP.

The website you reference is fairly useless for telling you anything of interest. It is designed to confirm if you are properly set up to use encrypted Cloudflare. Since you aren't using their DNS resolver, skip that site.

Thank you !

In my router, in the DHCP section I put the ip of pi hole in primary dns.
But in the Wan section, in primary DNS i have Do I have to modify it?

if I have a public ip, is the unbound solution safe or is it better cloudflared (DoH)?
Sorry, I'm trying to learn DNS and IP.

How can I verify that unbound is working fine? I am not an expert and I would not like to have done something wrong.

thank you very much!