Pihole UI with SSL

Hello, I have setup PiHole in docker and it is working great. Now I want to include it into my Home Assistant software but there is HTTPS enabled and for this reason I can't integrate pihole as iframe with HTTP.
So I have read this Enabling HTTPS for your Pi-hole Web Interface
But as this is almost 3 years old and a little bit complex. So I wanted to know if there is a simple way to enable HTTPS without combining keys and such.
From my other applications I have the experience that some config file has to include the files from letsencrypt (maybe a flag ssl: true) and then can easily start with HTTPS.
How can I achieve this in Pihole?

Same setup here.
Did you have any success integrating Home Assistant and Pihole?

No I haven't found a easy solution.
The only way I could think is you have to create an own docker image that does the certificate stuff and then put it into pihole.

If you are using macvlan network for your pihole container, it may cause issues: