Pihole to support $domain option in ABP lists

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Pihole does not support valid ABP lists in this format:

Sample of non-domain entries:

  • "||ga^$domain=~google.ga|~filtri-dns.ga|~dgdi.ga|~9191.ga|~animevsub.ga|~my.ga|~shorturl.ga|~mmo.ga"
  • "||gq^$domain=~inege.gq|~tvgelive.gq|~siteproxy.gq|~blockly.gq"
  • "||cf^$domain=~google.cf|~rths.cf|~acap.cf"

According to list maintainer DandelionSprout these are valid entries in the ABP format.

Would it be possible for PiHole to support these patterns? If not possible, then would it be possible to consider them valid and move them to a separate line eg: (valid but not applicable for pihole entries = 20 etc) or something like this? it is difficult to help improve list quality if valid lists in this output.

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How should this entry resolve to a domain or wildcard block in Pi-hole?

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That is a good question. I will try to find out and report back.

Browsing through https://help.eyeo.com/en/adblockplus/how-to-write-filters#options, the (shorter) line


can be read as

"Match cf and all its subdomains to block, but do not match domains ending in goggle.cf, rths.cf or acap.cf."

So this is a combination of subdomain blocking and exempting.

Furthermore, ABP allows that option to be refined to be only applied to certain resource types like scripts, images or stylesheets, which Pi-hole would never see.

Interesting, for this pattern then - block .cf except for google.cf, rths.cf and acap.cf - this seems like a valid pattern which logic should be able to parse in this example? Most patterns are only applying to things that match the pattern exactly so this would seem like something that can be evaluated against and pihole can match only this in an ideal world?

If impossible, then still it would be better to move valid patterns but that cannot be used for whatever reason, to a different section in the output as very few people log bugs against lists that are used and pihole reporting invalid entries is very useful.

The ABP functionality of Pi-hole is extended as far as it will be extended. No new features or changes will be added.

https://pi-hole.net/blog/2023/03/22/pi-hole-ftl-v5-22-web-v5-19-and-core-v5-16-1-released/ explains the sole ABP entry format that we will support.

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