Pihole -t vs Blacklist URL's

Dear team, I use the pihole -t command frequently to check traffic from a network client.
Recently I have added some blacklist URL's with the wildcard option. I may be wrong, but whenever a local service (so not thru browser) tries to access its (sub)domain, I don't see it in the list that pihole -t displays and also not in the query log. Could you pls implement display so that I can check if the blacklist rule is (also) active on other internal services requests? Same goes for whitelist requests.

I have installed Pihole as recursive DNS server with unbound / caching to local host and gravity active.

I'm not following you here. Domain entries (blacklist, whitelist) are for domains, not URL's. Please generate a debug log, upload it when prompted and post the token URL here. This will show me the details of your setup.

All queries received by Pi-hole are shown in the query log, which also shows if they are blocked and why. If the queries aren't in the query log, Pi-hole didn't receive them.

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