Pihole status icons are white after update to new Pi-hole version


I just updated the version of pihole.

my pihole is a virtual machine under debian 10. I use ESXi/vCenter 6.7 to virtualize it. the update has been successfully completed.

I however noticed a small defect, the pihole status icons are no longer colored but white now.

screen : https://i.imgur.com/uNB6hHw.png

is this normal?

thank you,

found they are coloured if you use http://pi.hole/admin instead of http://pihole_ip_address/admin

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After reboot of virtual machine the icons are now in green.

it's ok now.

Problem with Beta 5.0:
The status indicators are white.

Not a real bug.

Debug Token:
not necessary.

Just clear your cache. In Firefox use Strg + F5... Had the same error

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No need for a fresh post, there is already a topic covering this :slight_smile:

I have merged the comments. Please use the search function in future, thanks!

They are white if you use any URL other than http://pi.hole/admin to reach the pihole. Not just addresses but alternative DNS names too.

emptying the cache is enough intervention

Most browsers maintain a separate group of cached entries for each site. The URL is a different URL than http://pi.hole/admin, so the browse cache needs to be fully cleared or cleared for each of those URLs.