PiHole revealing odd behaviour


I installed my PiHole a couple of weeks back and I'm enjoying the reduced ad content. I'm not sure my wife has noticed... :laughing:

Anyway, I had a look at the statistics and I see a lot of requests from my phone to mabbox.bytel.fr. bytel.fr is the domain for Bouyges Telecom, a large ISP here, in France. Their modem/router product is called BBox and their general goto domain for problems with service is mabbox.bytel.fr. So far, so normal.

The problem that I have with this is that I don't have any service with Bytel. I use another ISP for both home and cellphone. The only possible connection is that I have a dual SIM phone and my "other" SIM is from a different country and is therefore in roaming mode and picks up Bytel as it's the strongest signal here. I only use that SIM for calls and texts, no data.

So why is my phone making lots of lookups to mabbox.bytel.fr? Is there a good way of tracking down which app on my phone is generating these requests, or if it's only connected with the cell service on my second SIM? I am slightly surprised that for a 3g or 4g voice only cell signal my phone would be performing DNS lookups.

Thanks for any insight you may have, or if there is a better place to post this, let me know.


turn wifi off on both phones and see if it persists. if there are still requests after turning both phone wifi off, then it's not the phones. try narrowing it down.

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