Pihole rebuild on Synology

Recently upgraded my internet and had to buy a router as cable supplied one couldn't handle the Synology. It seems to be working except on one site which amazingly worked before. TVguide. I cleared the cache in the browser several times but the ads still return. Any suggestions? I figure if it's not working there, something is amiss. TIA

BTW: I removed one the old version of pihole as it quite running and was tying to connect to 2 ip addresses.

I assume you are running Pi-hole in Docker on the Synology? If so, have you closed the old container and started a new one?

Yes. however, I think I found the problem. I had to buy a new router as the cable one just installed had no options. I bought a Netgear Nighthawk and am having difficulty setting the DNS to point to the Synology. I looked at piholes query and it's only listing the synology. not the actual sights I'm visiting. I need a netgear person as their tech support was clueless.

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