PiHole Preventing Synology Package downloads

I have recently moved from a Rasp Pi running my pihole to a docker install on my synology 415+ running it. It seems to work fine but i was trying to install the Synology Drive package and buy/ install the exFat.
however, both seem to start downloading, then sit there. when i change the DNS server from the 'default router set' pi hole DNS server, to google, they seem to work...
Is there an issue with it resolving to 'itself'? (server is at xx.77 and pihole is xx.233)

Need more info on you install method. With synology docker there are many ways to install pihole.

If you are using a macvlan they can not talk to each other over the normal network and you must use a bridge network on the synology to talk to pihole. This is due to security inside docker.

Ah Yes, I used 'the easy method' for 5.0 which i found here, using Portainer - Pi-Hole in Docker on Synology- The Best Way! - ServiceMax
it uses the Macvlan option to get it to work. I assume then that its 'designed' this way, and i will just use a google DNS on the synology server, which is fine.
While trying to debug this issue i ran across this option as well, which seems far easier than the 'easy way' (no portainter or gateone) How to Install Pi-Hole on Your Synology NAS – Marius Hosting
should i delete my install and reinstall via the 2nd method? any benefits? TIA

This is a writeup i did awhile back Setup on Synology Docker - #69 by Beefyfish it will get you setup using bridge and macvlan with only the pihole container.

You may be able to look at it and understand how to setup the bridge with the install method you are using.