Pihole only blocks on wired connection

Expected Behaviour:

[I don’t want to setup pihole as my DNS server on my router because everyone in my household does not want to use it. So I’m configuring each devices manual to use pihole as DNS. ]

Actual Behaviour:

[The problem is that all wired devices get all ads blocked. But the wireless devices don’t, they still gets the ads but the web I searchable. Why does only wired devices work but not wireless? ]

Debug Token:

[This is my debug token: hnpwr07i8o
I’ve been reading a lot of posts trying to figure this out. Hope I can get some help. ]

This is typically a problem in the router, which is handing out different DNS to wired and wireless clients.

Your debug log shows that Pi-Hole is working normally.

So I must set pihole as dns server to get It to work. Is their now way solving this without setting pihole as dns on router?

Pi-Hole must be the DNS server in order for it to block domains.

You can try using Pi-Hole as DHCP, but this will likely not solve the wireless client problem.

The problem is that everyone in my house hold don’t want to use pihole dns. So my only way was by not changing any router setting. But I believe this might be the only way. I’m using edgerouterx so my only ide was setting up two different dhcp servers and make all my devices use the other one. Then i can set pihole to be used as the dns.

Even if you use the Pi-Hole as DHCP, you can exclude clients by MAC address. In this case, you would exclude the clients that don't want to use Pi-Hole, and give them a different DNS server. This is done using a dnsmasq configuration file.

This still will not likely solve your wireless problem, but it is worth a try.

Thanks I will give it a try!

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