Pihole on ubuntu "laptop-server" with WiFi accesspoint


Hi ! I have a old Asus EEE laptot running pihole / Ubuntu server 16.04.
The display on the old laptop is damaged and removed so the laptop runs “headless”
I have earlier also had an old accespoint connected to my switch to give WiFi to local android devices / phones. Now my old access point is dead and I wants to use the WiFi on my Asus EEE as access point to replace the old damaged one.
See my setup above. How to get the WiFi adapter on the Asus EEE to work only as Access point to my mobile devices and also get traffic through PiHole on wifi, just as the wired clients ??

One correction: forget the client pc with ip 192.168.1.x above - it is not related to my question- The Asus EEE have only ETH0 and ath0 (WiFi) interfaces, and ETH1 is not present