PiHole not resolving anything

The issue I am facing:

PiHole ran without issue for about a week. Starting at midnight yesterday, it stopped resolving any DNS. I am pretty new to this, so bear with me.

Details about my system:

Pihole runs bare-metal on a Thinkpad T430s Laptop with Debian 12, all updates installed. Static IP in network is, and my Fritzbox 7580 points to that being the only DNS Resolver on the network while still handling DHCP, but with Conditional Forwarding set up on the side of PiHole.

Should I post my debug log into this post? I have the token!

Just provide the token, the devs can take it from there.

Never post your debug log in a public message.

Yes, per our help template. Post the token URL.

Alright, here's my token: https://tricorder.pi-hole.net/Q8qOhIbt/


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