Pihole not blocking any ads

Expected Behaviour:

Pihole intercepts ads and prevents them from being displayed

-2x 1tb Seagate NAS
-Adata SU635 240gb
-Asrock b365 phantom gaming 4

Actual Behaviour

I have a lot of domains blocked and numerous adlists but after running a few whitelist scripts my pihole no longer blocks any ads. Does not block ads on any device.

Debug Token:



What whitelist scripts are you running (and why)?

Of note, your domain blocks and adlists have some significant problems.

You have over 6,500 domain entries.

You aren't going to block YouTube with this regex, or any of the others (regex or exact blacklist):


1300 blacklist entries similar to this one - what are you trying to block here?


Many of your adlists are in formats that Pi-hole cannot work with. When you use these you make many false positives. Run pihole -g and take a close look at the output. Many of your lists will throw errors. If they do, get rid of those lists.

None of these easylist or adblock lists will work, and will cause you problems. Just a few examples from your adlists



Some of your adlist URLs are not only for lists that are not suitable for Pi-hole, they don't lead to a raw text file. They lead to an html page, which Pi-hole cannot work with.


Also, you will likely find that all the adlists you have added to block YouTube ads won't do this, but will break YouTube functionality.

Clean all this up, see if your Pi-hole works properly. If not, then come back to this thread with a fresh debug log.

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