PiHole not available when i deactivate router DHCP

hello there,

been using PiHile for a while now but with an issue i just cant solve.
already posted a thread here last october, but still couldnt solve it since.

Well the problem is that when i deactivate my routers DHCP and activate PiHole DHCP server, i cant reach Pihole anymore.
i gave the RasPi static IP through the router so it should be reachable i guess.

well here is the debug token


Thanks for reading.

You gave it a fixed DHCP assignment in your router. But you need to set a static IP on the Pi itself

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Oh well, sounds logical :upside_down_face:.
Gonna try tomorrow.

Thanks a lot for the hint!


holy moly
you made my day.
first try and it works flawless
how many time i struggled around senseless
thank you again !!!!