Pihole + nginx + php-fpm 7.4.0 problems

Upon updating to php 7.4.0-2 I no longer see an “Active/Green Circle” status in the upper left of the web GUI. I see an “Unknown/Orange Circle” although pi-hole seems to behave normally. Any thoughts are welcomed.

I see no errors in php-fpm through systemctl. Downgrading to php-fpm-7.3.12-1 and php-sqlite-7.3.12-1 fixed the behavior. All other packages (nginx, php, etc) are the current Arch ARM versions.

Distro is Arch ARM using the AUR packages for pi-hole-server and pi-hole-ftl.

Yes, i have a similar setup.
With 7.4.0 the settings page doesn’t work properly. For example changing dns server and saving doesn’t have any effect - reverts back to previews settings.
With 7.3.x it seems to work fine.