Pihole makes me crazy

Dear all
I'm going to tell you my experience about installing pihole docker container on my MK RB5009
I follow all instruction step by step latter by latter

but when I run container interface, I can't get internet from the holl of my Wi-Fi and ether port.
I adjust my 5G router DNS to auto
I create bridge /interface/bridge/add name=dockers
I add new address /ip/address/add address= interface=dockers
I create VETH and givt it an adress /interface/veth/add name=veth1 address= gateway=
I create new rolls /ip/firewall/nat/add chain=srcnat action=masquerade src-address=
I Configured the container:
/container/envs/add name=pihole_envs key=TZ value="Europe/Riga"
/container/envs/add name=pihole_envs key=WEBPASSWORD value="mysecurepassword"
/container/envs/add name=pihole_envs key=DNSMASQ_USER value="root"
/container/mounts/add name=etc_pihole src=disk1/etc dst=/etc/pihole
/container/mounts/add name=dnsmasq_pihole src=disk1/etc-dnsmasq.d dst=/etc/dnsmasq.d
/container/config/set registry-url=https://registry-1.docker.io tmpdir=disk1/pull
/container/add remote-image=pihole/pihole:latest interface=veth1 root-dir=disk1/pihole mounts=dnsmasq_pihole,etc_pihole envlist=pihole_envs
And then I create new NAT roll:
/ip firewall nat
add action=dst-nat chain=dstnat dst-address= dst-port=888 protocol=tcp to-addresses= to-ports=80
I adjust my MK IP-DNS to the IP that I already created on IP-Address (for example
I adjust my MK IP-DHCP Server-Networks-DNS to

After all this setting I can't get an internet and I can't open pihole page )
I remember one time only pihole work and after that I don't know what's wrong.
Please is there any thing missing? I spend more than a week try to solve this issue.

Best Regards

Dear all

I would like to thank myself for helping me regarding pihole
finally, I solve the issue that I was connect my PC to my MK via sfp-sfpplus1 port and I change it to ethernet port and its work great.

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as I mention that I have Huawei 5G router which is connected to MK RB5009

NO ONE even mention that I have to change the DNS from Huawei router to Pihole DNS

It's in the docs/instructions: Post-Install - Pi-hole documentation. True, no one is reading them aloud to you.