Pihole lost connection to api


after some time i see in the webinterface only the text “lost connection to API” + “dns server isnt running”
Debug token: m2m6guuf6m

I tried already this commands:
service pihole-FTL stop
rm /etc/pihole/pihole-FTL.db
service pihole-FTL start

debug token 2 after i tried the command above:

best regards


You appear to be running an open resolver. Is this hosted on a VPS and/or open to the public? If so, this is a very bad practice.




I will block random requests in the future so that only my network will have access to my dns server. First my pihole should be running without problems.


new debug token after i rebooted and pihole is working: 9573vk6x9e


This debug log shows the Pi-Hole is working properly.

It is still an open resolver…


Ok. Thanks.
If the problem will come again ill send a new debug token.
Im still testing, after i tested it i will configure so only my clients from my network can use my pihole.